09-09-2019 Very excited to get to share this work on the interesting recombination pathways in perovskites with the broader scientific community.

07-10-2019 Our work looking at photon recycling in operating perovskite photovoltaics was chosen as an Editor’s Suggestion!

01-24-2019 Working with fellow members of the GridEdge Solar team, we studied how the operating voltage of perovskite solar cells can be enhanced by harnessing photon recycling. The work was just posted on arXiv and submitted as well!

09-24-2018 Honored to be sought out by Nature to discuss my passions and goals to make light-weight, flexible perovskite solar panels to provide energy access to rural populations worldwide. It was also picked up by Scientific American!

07-25-2018 A press release on our surface passivation work from the spring came out in UW Today!

04-30-2018 Our work on surface passivation of perovskite semiconductors with Ian Braly and the Hillhouse lab at UW just came out in Nature Photonics! We fabricated some of the most emissive films to date and demonstrated the lowest thermodynamic loss for these materials!

04-27-2018 Excited to have the opportunity to travel to Paris and share my thesis research, thanks IUPAC-Solvay!